AAbout The Urban Coyote Initiative

The Urban Coyote Initiative is an ongoing photography project documenting the stories and science of urban coyotes across North America.

Illuminating the lives of urban coyotes

Through extraordinary photography and videography, we advance science-based awareness of urban coyotes, the role they play in healthy urban ecosystems, and strategies for urban residents to live peacefully alongside this adaptable canid.

In the process of our work, we explore the complex relationship humans have with wilderness and wildlife, the role of urban ecology in daily life and in the conservation movement, and the adaptability and resilience of urban species.

Collaborating with researchers and organizations

We collaborate with researchers, biologists, city managers and planners, community organizations, and media companies to create visual assets that advance research studies, promote public safety, and explore urban ecology and biodiversity.

Whether documenting a research project or crafting a portfolio for print and online publications, we provide the highest level photography and media assets documenting and promoting urban coyote ecology and coexistence.

Our Philosophy

The urban coyote is the ultimate symbol of nature’s adaptability and resilience. Our reaction to urban coyotes reflects our often conflicted relationship with wild things in urban areas. By learning to live alongside coyotes, we learn to fully embrace wilderness not only within city limits, but everywhere.

Thus, the urban coyote is a keystone in the philosophy of environmentalism.

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