We work with you to build a portfolio of professional-level visual assets to accomplish your goals, whether that is scientific research, public safety outreach, classroom materials, urban planning, or even nature exhibits for the public.

An urban coyote trots along the side of a road, looking into the camera
© Jaymi Heimbuch / Urban Coyote Initiative

Creating images with impact for any project

Professional photography is a critical tool for learning more about urban coyotes and connecting with audiences.

In cities across the continent, the presence of coyotes is a relatively new concept. Many urban and suburban residents are only just starting to realize that they share space with these opportunistic predators, and that realization brings about a wide arrange of responses from excitement to fear, from inspiration to outrage.

For cities struggling to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts, solid imagery within public safety notices can make all the difference in shifting fear to knowledge and conflict to coexistence.

Researchers are rushing to learn as much as possible about an ever-adapting species whose behavior and ecological role in an urban setting are relatively new to science. High quality photography is the extra spark that researchers need to gain the interest of funders or get their work into the press.

We provide powerful photography and videography assets, improving the link between those people working with coyotes and the audiences with whom they need to connect – whether it is an outdoor gallery exhibit on urban ecology or professional level camera trapping for current studies.

Ecologist Jonathan Young of the Presidio Trust in San Francisco, California holds up a coyote skull in his office.
Ecologist Jonathan Young of the Presidio Trust in San Francisco, California holds up a coyote skull in his office. © Sebastian Kennerknecht / Urban Coyote Initiative
An urban coyote leans in to steal a newspaper off a lawn
A neighborhood coyote was known to play with newspapers, so we caught her at her favorite game. © Jaymi Heimbuch / Urban Coyote Initiative

Who We Work With


Professional photography assists with everything from attracting funders and strengthening grant proposals, to attracting editors at media publications covering your research and study findings.


Our background in photography, filmmaking and community outreach allows us to create the highest quality media assets from your city or county for public safety and education material. Increase the effectiveness of your coyote management plan with attention-grabbing imagery.


We work with organizations to create engaging images, videos and exhibits that captivate audiences and motivate people to get involved in their area’s wildlife and ecology programs.


Magazines, websites and newspapers need high level photography to go with their stories. We have a strong portfolio of images ready for licensing, and our team of experienced photographers can create original images for any story you’re working on.

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