Coyote Hills East Preserve

Fullerton, California

Our Collaboration:

Coyote Hills East is a 120-acre preserve within the suburbs of Fullerton, California that was set aside as mitigation for the impacts of adjacent developments and created to protect habitat for endangered plants and animals. A refuge of sage scrub and riparian woodland for a wide variety of wildlife including coyotes, it is surrounded by residential development and infrastructure.

The homeowners living next to the preserve see and hear the coyotes living within it, and often feel wary and fearful about these urban canids. 

The Center for Natural Lands Management—a nonprofit organization that owns and manages nature preserves across California and in Washington State—holds a conservation easement over the preserve and manages it to protect the federally threatened coastal California gnatcatcher and the habitat that supports it, as well as a suite of other native plants and animals.

We are working with this organization to create high quality photography to be used in media outreach packets for community members living next to the preserve as well as prospective home buyers. 

The beautiful imagery coupled with accessible, engaging, science-backed information about coyote ecology and activity will help Coyote Hills East Preserve connect with its neighbors and build support for the diverse wildlife living within this jewel of natural space nestled within the city.


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Continuing Work: 

Our ongoing work with Coyote Hills East Preserve includes the following goals and needs: 

  • Funding for field work documenting coyote activity in the preserve and in the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Funding for procuring camera traps to capture scenes from the daily life of the preserve’s resident pack
  • Creating materials for presentations, a gallery exhibit, and large prints to hang in the neighboring golf course club house and other popular neighborhood locations

If you’d like to support our work, please make a tax-deductible donation to our project. 

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