New York, New York

Dr. Mark Weckel shows students how to tell if the scat they've found belongs to coyote.
Dr. Mark Weckel shows students how to tell if the scat they've found belongs to coyote. © Ivan Kuraev / Urban Coyote Initiative

Our Collaboration:

The Gotham Coyote Project is working to uncover answers to pressing questions about coyotes living in the Big Apple and beyond. Where do they live? How many are there? What do they eat? Why are they here? Should they be here?

These questions are critical to understanding not just what to expect of New York City's coyotes and how to develop coexistence strategies, but also what to expect as coyotes expand into other areas of the Eastern seaboard so that residents can be proactive about avoiding conflicts when coyotes move into their neighborhood. 

Gotham Coyote Project brings together scientists, students, and citizens to gather information from camera traps, scat, sighting reports and other data sources. 

We are working alongside the project to provide professional level photography documenting field work, lab work, community outreach efforts and of course the coyotes themselves. 

The portfolio of high-quality images we provide to the project assists them with increasing their reach, boosting public engagement and citizen science involvement, and gaining the attention and support of potential research funders. 


Continuing Work: 

Our ongoing work with Gotham Coyote Project includes the following goals and needs: 

  • Document the field work and lab work of establishing a baseline understanding of urban coyote diets
  • Document the ongoing DNA analysis as the team establishes a “family tree” of New York's coyotes to understand dispersal
  • Document the citizen science and student research component of the project, highlighting the important work of the volunteers as they assist the researchers in the field and the lab
  • Funding for field time to follow and photograph local coyotes to create captivating images documenting unique behaviors
  • Funding to set up a series of DSLR camera traps to get high-quality photos of the secret lives of coyotes living in New York City and surrounding areas 

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