Portland, Oregon

Coyote (Canis latrans) pup next to patio furniture at night, Gloucester, Cape Ann, eastern Massachusetts © Sebastian Kennerknecht / Urban Coyote Initiative
© Sebastian Kennerknecht / Urban Coyote Initiative

Our Collaboration:

What started out as a research project has turned into an amazing community resource. Portland Urban Coyote Project is an ongoing research project led by Zuriel (Rasmussen) van Belle, researcher and instructor at Portland State University, and advisor Dr. Barbara Brower. Utilizing citizen science in the form of coyote sighting reports, the project seeks to uncover some of the mysteries of the city's coyote population. PUCP provides a continuously updated map of the city's coyote sightings as well as tutorials, publications, and other resources for curious residents. 

Through its connections with the community, PUCP is focused on crafting effective outreach and education to reduce fears among residents. 

We are collaborating with PUCP to visually document Portland's coyotes. With PUCP's help, our team is creating engaging, informative, and beautiful images of the resident coyotes, their behaviors, and how they utilize the urban landscape. Our high-quality imagery combined with science-based information will empower residents to be well-informed and proactive about coyotes, furthering human-wildlife coexistence.

Continuing Work: 

Our work with the Portland Urban Coyote Project includes the following goals and needs: 

  • Document urban coyotes within Portland city limits, particularly family groups raising pups within urban areas
  • Document the PUCP team as they conduct fieldwork and interact with the community
  • Funding to set up DSLR camera traps for high-quality photos of the secret lives of Portland’s coyotes

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