Dog Safety Awareness Flyer


The most-read article on our website is “What To Do If You Encounter A Coyote While Walking Your Dog“. We know just how pertinent this information is to dog owners everywhere. So we’ve summed up the key information in a handy 5″x7″ flyer that can be placed on bulletin boards, poles, gates to dog parks, group mailboxes in apartments or subdivisions, and other neighborhood locations. This smaller size makes it more convenient to place it in various neighborhood settings. 

Printed in full color on glossy, premium paper, the eye-catching flyers help you share information easily with neighbors and community members, and help keep both pets and coyotes safe. 

*Note: Due to fulfillment requirements, this item is shipped separately from other items in our store. If ordering multiple products at once, you will see two shipping totals: one for this item, and one for all other items in your cart.*  

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