“Coyotes are expanding their native range and settling new habitats, and it's happening very quickly. If we pay attention, we can observe an apex predator colonize new territory and see the effect that coyotes have on native ecosystems, and the animals and people who inhabit them. I think this is a unique opportunity, and I intend to bear witness and document this story as it unfolds.”

Contributing Photographer

Ivan Kuraev spent two seasons tracking shorebirds on Monomoy, a barrier island near the coast of Massachusetts. Though birds were the focus of his work, he became interested in the coyotes that swam a mile from the mainland to plunder tern, plover and oystercatcher nests and eat their chicks. After following coyote tracks through the dunes and marshes of this barrier island, Ivan became interested in documenting coyotes, and the scientists who study them, throughout the North Atlantic.

He is currently living in New York City, where he is on the trail of coyotes in the Bronx, Queens, Westchester and beyond.

WEB:      ivankuraev.com

IG:      @ivan_kuraev