“If there is a single species on this planet who will test our own mettle as humans, who pushes us to understand instead of judge, to study instead of kill, to coexist instead of dominate, to become more thoughtful and less fearful, it is the coyote. I appreciate any animal with the audacity to thrive in the face of human persecution, and through that very persistence give us opportunity after opportunity to improve ourselves as people and as neighbors.”

Initiative Director, Contributing Photographer

Jaymi Heimbuch has always had an interest in canids, but after moving to San Francisco and learning of the wild four-legged residents of the city, her fascination found a home in the urban coyote.

After writing often about canid species in danger of disappearing forever due to human presence and conflict, including an award-winning book Ethiopian Wolf: Hope at the Edge of Extinction, Jaymi found new hope and endless inspiration in the coyote – particularly the urban coyote, which thrives against staggering odds.

Jaymi's hope is that in founding this photojournalism project, she can help bridge the gap between scientists and the public, illuminate the still-mysterious lives of coyotes, and document the story of these wild canid citizens of American cities.

Jaymi's photography has been published in Sierra Magazine, Bay Nature Magazine, Wild Planet Photo Magazine, National Wildlife Magazine, Mother Nature Network and Discovery Communications websites among other outlets. Her environmental, wildlife and companion animal writing has been published in a variety of print and online publications, including BBC Wildlife Magazine, Huffington Post, and Beautiful Beasties.

Jaymi is a board member of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), is an Affiliate with the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), and is a member of HeARTs Speak. She also obsessively photographs her own rescue dog, Niner.

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