“Coyotes have a mysterious appeal. They look at you as if they know something you don't. They are romanticized and demonized and I'm looking forward to learning more about their habits and telling their stories. I'm often drawn to human-wildlife conflict stories when making films. There is much to be learned from the relationships between creatures and I believe through storytelling we can make progress in mitigating these conflicts.”

Contributing Filmmaker

As a conservation filmmaker, Jenny Nichols harnesses the power of visual media to tell stories. Jenny works to create films that will act as tipping points in conservation campaigns and thrives on multidisciplinary projects. She collaborates with a dedicated community of photojournalists, filmmakers, writers, illustrators, scientists and conservation organizations and helps to create media that can be propelled to audiences through many media platforms.

Jenny’s films have screened at Telluride Mountainfilm, Banff Mountainfilm Festival, DC Environmental Film Festival, Jackson Hole Science & Media Awards, Yale Environmental Film Festival, Wild & Scenic Film Festival, 5 Point Film Festival,  The World Wilderness Congress, and many more!

Jenny has worked with World Wildlife Fund, Yale School of Forestry, National Geographic, American Rivers, New York Magazine, SONY, Patagonia, Exposure Labs, The Wild Foundation, The International League of Conservation Photographers, Werner Media, Cristina Mittermeier Photography, Paul Nicklen Photography, David Doubilet and Jen Hayes Undersea Images, Peter McBride Photography, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Magazine Exposure Labs among many others.


IG:      @jennygnichols