“Living on the urban fringe of a small town I hear coyotes almost every night and in the daylight see their tracks cross my yard along the same path as the mule deer, California quail and raccoons; all of this is evidence that we have brought our domesticated world into their long established ecosystem. Helping the Urban Coyote Initiative is one way I can give back to my wild neighbors and learn more about positive ways to co-exist.”

Project Administrator

Johanna has always loved animals and activities that get her outdoors in the dirt. After receiving a used DSLR camera a few years back, she's also now a lover of wildlife photography.

Johanna has years of experience from her career culminating as the Enterprise IT Manager for Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Cal State’s flagship university. Managing the IT demands for over 20,000 students, faculty and staff requires exceptional skills in project management.

Recently retired, Johanna loves that she can use her extensive organizational experience to give back to such an important initiative.

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