“The coyote is an incredibly smart and resilient creature that problem solves its way through life. For some, however, this animal can strike a great deal of controversy- especially in our urban areas. We're working to shift this mindset and empower individuals to take action on behalf of this misunderstood species. It's time to get to know the real coyote!”

Community Relations Specialist
Contributing Photographer

Whether it be through her childhood days of rescuing injured wildlife, or through her current outreach and communication efforts, Melanie's commitment to creating a peaceful relationship between people and wild nature emanates throughout each and every one of her actions.
Melanie is the Director of Communications & Outreach for the WILD Foundation, where she splits her time between local engagement programs and overseeing day-to-day communications initiativesShe received her BS in Photo-illustration from Kent State University, and her MA in Media & Public Engagement (with a focus on human-black bear coexistence in Boulder, CO) from the University of Colorado Boulder.
Melanie continues her coexistence work through a variety of programs in addition to Urban Coyote Initiative, including her Bears & People Project, serving on the board of the Community Fruit Rescue, and advising undergraduates through the CU Wildlife Club which she founded. She is a firm believer that the majority of human-wildlife conflicts can be resolved through thoughtful and proactive community solutions.

FB:      /melanielynnhill

IG:      @mel_shmel