“Coyotes are the definition of survivors. Persecuted since the times of Lewis and Clark, they still persist. Today, about 500,000 coyotes are killed each year — that’s about one coyote every minute. For no good reason. I am honored to voice a positive view about coyotes that they truly deserve, especially as they make a living amongst us.”

Contributing Photographer

Sebastian fell in love with wildlife during his childhood in Germany. In particular, carnivores became his fascination. He saw the devastating effects of people on these animals first hand, since Europe has wiped out much of its megafauna. Now living in the US, he is excited by the opportunities to still be able to save our wild carnivores. This of course includes coyotes, and in particular urban coyotes as they are so often at a crossroads with people.

Sebastian’s photography has been published in BBC Wildlife, Smithsonian, National Geographic Kids, Science, Defenders of Wildlife, Conservation International, The Economist, Sierra Magazine, Bay Nature, and others.

Sebastian is an Associate Fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), and is a North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) member.

He lives in Williamstown, MA with his wife, and dare he say it, domestic cat.


IG:      @pumapix

FB:    /sebastian.kennerknecht