Madison, Wisconsin

© Jaymi Heimbuch / Urban Coyote Initiative

Our Collaboration:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Urban Canid Research Project is working on answering a wide range of questions. The original focus of the study was to analyze how coyotes and red foxes divvy up the urban landscape in order to allow these two usually contentious canids to coexist, and in the process discover how humans can also better coexist with the two species. 

Since launching that study, the research project has started to probe into other questions, including how social media can assist in proactively minimizing conflicts with urban coyotes, learning more about canine disease spread between urban canids and domestic dogs, discovering exactly what kinds of coyote hazing techniques may be most effective in different situations, and more. 

We are working alongside Dr. David Drake and university students to provide professional photography documenting their work in the field and within the community.

Drake and his team are involved in community education talks, presentations at professional gatherings, and are constantly seeking grant funding for their research. Our imagery assists the team with illustrating their findings and sparking engagement from the public, peers and potential funders.