Wild Cities Urban Allies Campaign

Our Collaboration:

The Wild Cities Urban Allies Campaign is part of WILD Foundation’s ongoing effort to bring awareness about urban predators to city residents, and to work alongside cities to build transformative coexistence strategies. 

The campaign facilitates solutions that allow large predators to play a beneficial role in ecosystems surrounding cities, and that keep them out of areas where they are destructive. 

The goals is to reduce the likelihood that bears, cougars, and coyotes will come into conflict with humans while simultaneously retaining the invaluable ecological services they provide urban areas.

Urban Coyote Initiative is proud to be one of the Wild Cities Urban Allies Champions, and we are excited to join efforts to help shed light on the complex role coyotes play in cities and science-based strategies for coexisting. 

Past Work: 

Gallery Exhibit: WILD Cities: A Photographic Exploration of Urban Wilderness


Continuing Work: 

 Coming soon.

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